Virtual Sales Skills Training Course

This in-house virtual Sales Skills Training course will provide lots of tips and practical ideas to fully understand the needs of your customer and present products and services to make them feel like it is the right product for them, in a way that is not overly pushy.

Delivered via conference and lasting 3 hours, our trainer will join you online to deliver the course, making this virtual Sales Skills training course cost-effective and easy to arrange.

If you are looking for a classroom based training course, visit the Sales Skills Training Course page on our main website

The Course Aims

In this virtual sales skills training course, we aim to provide those that attend with the skills and approaches required to get sales, ensuring the customer buys the person selling and in turn what they are selling.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this Virtual Sales Skills Training Course will:

  • Understand the importance of the salesperson
  • Be able to set clear sales objectives
  • Understand how to establish customer needs and wants in order to match the product or service
  • Be able to present products and services to customers in a way that makes them sound perfect for them
  • Know how to avoid/overcome objections
  • Be able to effectively close the sale

More Course Details

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