Virtual Coaching Skills Training Course

This in-house virtual Coaching Skills Training course will introduce a range of skills and approaches that can be used in everyday conversations as well as structured coaching conversations.

Delivered via conference and lasting 3 hours, our trainer will join you online to deliver the course, making this virtual Coaching Skills training course cost-effective and easy to arrange.

If you are looking for a classroom based training course, visit the Coaching Skills Training Course page on our main website

The Course Aims

In this virtual appraisal skills training course, we will introduce the skills, techniques and benefits of coaching.

The workshop investigates how behaviours develop in people and how using the coaching approach, can make long term changes to negative or challenging behaviours. We also look at how coaching can be used to develop long term action plans and improve individual and team performance.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this virtual Coaching Skills Training Course will:

  • Be able to describe the role of the coach and how and when to use coaching
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills required of an effective coach
  • Know how to use a tried and tested coaching structure that delivers results
  • Know how to adapt your style of coaching to meet the needs of the individual and the business
  • Be able to provide effective feedback to individuals that you coach
  • Know how to drive actions and capture them in a development plan
  • Describe advanced coaching techniques and demonstrate their use.

More Course Details

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