Virtual Change Management Training Course

This in-house virtual Appraisal Skills Training course will show those that attend how to make change stick with some easy to follow change management processes.  Understand how to communicate change, support those affected by the change as well as how to effectively instigate change.

Delivered via conference and lasting 3 hours, our trainer will join you online to deliver the course, making this virtual Change Management training course cost-effective and easy to arrange.

If you are looking for a classroom based training course, visit the Change Management Training Course page on our main website

The Course Aims

In this virtual change management training course, we will look at the skills and techniques needed to manage change effectively and reduce the level of resistance.

In today’s constantly evolving world, change is inevitable in any organisation. New technologies are being implemented all of the time and changes to processes and policies are commonplace.

When changes are made in organisations it needs to be managed effectively, otherwise, people resist, become negative and performance drops.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this virtual Change Management Training Course will:

  • Be able to describe to people why change is necessary
  • Understand why people react the way they do to change
  • Be able to demonstrate the use of a range of tools to manage change effectively
  • Understand how to make change stick.

More Course Details

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