Virtual Assertiveness Skills Training Course

This in-house virtual Assertiveness Skills Training course will provide lots of tips and ideas to help you to communicate with confidence in both work and general situations.

Delivered via conference and lasting 3 hours, our trainer will join you online to deliver the course, making this virtual Assertiveness Skills training course cost-effective and easy to arrange.

If you are looking for a classroom based training course, visit the Assertiveness Skills Training Course page on our main website

The Course Aims

In this virtual assertiveness skills training course, we provide those that attend with the skills and approaches to communicate more confidently with others.

By understanding how to control emotions, attendees will understand how to have controlled conversations, demonstrate confidence and use these skills to build more effective relationships.

Alongside this, delegates will learn more about their communication style and that of others to help you deal with and reduce conflict.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this Virtual Assertiveness Skills Training Course will:

  • Be able to recognise Aggressive, Passive and Assertive behaviour
  • Understand where being assertive fits into your basic rights
  • Know how to adapt their style based on the situation they are in
  • Have the confidence to challenge, push back, say no and ask for what they want without damaging relationships they have with others
  • Know how to deal with confrontation and challenges in a confident manner
  • Be able to apply the skills necessary to be more assertive

More Course Details

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