Virtual Appraisal Skills Training Course

This in-house virtual Appraisal Skills Training course will show those that attend how to conduct appraisal meetings that drive performance, motivate staff and build better relationships.

Delivered via conference and lasting 3 hours, our trainer will join you online to deliver the course, making this virtual Appraisal Skills training course cost-effective and easy to arrange.

If you are looking for a classroom based training course, visit the Appraisal Skills Training Course page on our main website

The Course Aims

In this virtual appraisal skills training course, we will look at the skills and behaviours necessary to carry out effective performance management and appraisal discussions.

The Course Objectives

Those who attend this Performance Management and Appraisal Skills Training Course will:

  • Understand the different uses of performance management and appraisal processes
  • The benefits of conducting effective performance management reviews and appraisals
  • The skills required to conduct effective performance management reviews and appraisals
  • Setting and agreeing on SMART objectives.

More Course Details

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