The Difference Between Training and Learning

“Tell me, and I forget, Teach me, and I remember, Involve me, and I learn”  (Franklin or Konfuzius)

Have you ever thought about what the difference is between the terms training and learning?  Is there really a difference?  Are you not really bothered?

It’s an interesting discussion as people do see a difference in the two terms and people perceptions of the two terms can determine whether they will enjoy an event where they go along to gain new skills and knowledge.

The main difference between the two statements are:

Training:  Something that is done to some someone and aims to pass on brand new skills.

Learning:  Something where someone is involved in something and learns from it.

In other words, a training event may be perceived as a lecture.  Something where I go along to to watch something or have someone tell me how to do something i.e. how to use a computer programme that I have never used before.

A learning event may be perceived as me going along to discuss new ideas and understand how I can make them fit into my world.  I may actually have a go at them.

It may be that one event uses both approaches.

Another way to sum it up:

Training‘:  the preparation of a person or animal for a particular activity, occupation etc

To learn‘:  to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, experience, or instruction.

Is there a real difference.  We think so, what about you.  Tweet us at @skillsgarage to share your thoughts.

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