RACI Matrix

If you are in a position where you need to delegate tasks to people or need to arrange resources around tasks then you can use a RACI matrix to help with this process.

The tool comes from project management, but can be used in other areas to.

RACI stands for:

Responsible – This is the person who will be made responsible for doing/carrying out the task. They can make the decisions on how to do it, but are responsible for delivering the right end result

Accountable – This is the person who holds the accountability for the task and is usually the person who delegated the task to the person responsible. They check the final outcome and sign off on it being done correctly

Consulted – This is a person who you bring into the task for advice, guidance or sign off. They usually don’t do the task, but are normally a subject matter expert or need to give their agreement and sign off that the task or an element of it is being done correctly

Informed – This person needs to be updated on progress or told when the task is completed. They may have a vested interest in the task or may be responsible for carrying out the next task.

You can turn this information into a matrix to help communicate the information more effectively. Here’s an example:

Here’s how to build it.

1. Make a list of all of the tasks required. Maybe this is all of the tasks in a project or all of the regular tasks you and your team need to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and add these into the first column.

2. Either add the name of your team members across the top of the grid. If you have lots of team members then you can add RACI across the top.

3. Working your way down, complete the matrix based on who is responsible, accountable etc. If you used RACI across the top of the grid then add the persons name into the relevant box.

4. You need to ensure that someone is at least responsible and accountable for each task, but you don’t always need someone to be consulted or informed. If you as the manager are completing the task then you can make yourself responsible and accountable for the same task.

Once completed, all of those people who are responsible will need clear or SMART objectives for each task they are responsible for. You will also need to find a way to remind you when to bring in those that need to be consulted and when to communicate to those informed i.e. a communication plan or a note in your diary.

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