About Our Service

Hello and welcome along.

You may be here because you’re wondering what’s the point? 

Here we aim to let you know more about the Skills Garage service and what you can gain from using it. 

Skills Garage specialises in online and virtual learning and development.

Skills Garage is brought to you by Revolution Learning and Development Ltd.

Our services range from online 1-2-1 coaching and training sessions, online mini training sessions, eLearning courses and in-house virtual training courses.

With our online 1-2-1 coaching and training sessions, we provide access to highly skilled coaches and trainers who can work with you to target very specific areas of your own personal development.

Not everyone has the time to spend a whole, or even a half day out of the office to attend a training course. This may even apply to longer online courses and eLearning.

The idea is that you book short segments of coaching and training and you meet with your selected coach or trainer via our conferencing system.

You tell us ahead of the meeting what you would like to focus on, what specific skills set you would like some help with and about your objective for the session. It means you can connect and get going.

You may choose to have just one session to target a very specific development gap or issue that you have. Or, you many book in a number of sessions to cover broader or a range of different subjects.

Because this all happens online, you don’t need to leave your desk, office or house to attend.

Our trainers set their availability which you can easily see via the website. You can then choose a time that works for you, make the appointment and connect.

Our platform works across all devices (either by your browser or an app) meaning you are free to connect from anywhere.

While the cost appears more than a training course, the major benefit is that your sessions are targeted at you and what you need and means you don’t need to pick bits out of the course that might work for you.

Our online mini training sessions and in-house virtual training courses follow the same idea – short, to the point sessions delivered online by one of our expert trainers.

These sessions represent great value for money and reduces the impact that training has on your organisation as everything is done right where you or your team is.

We’re here to answer any other questions that you have about our service. You can drop us an email or using messenger.

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