Leadership Styles Questionnaire

The following statements will help you assess your leadership style tendencies.  As you read each statement, try to think of typical situations and how you usually react.

 Please use the following marking scale:

  1. to almost no extent
  2. to a slight extent
  3. to a moderate extent
  4. to a great extent
  5. to a very great extent

 Try to answer the questions fairly quickly but, without rushing your responses.

Leadership Styles Questionnaire
1. I check team member’s work on a regular basis to assess their progress and learning. *
2. I hold periodic meetings to show support for organisation policy and mission. *
3. I appoint staff into task groups to action policies affecting them. *
4. I provide team members with clear responsibilities and allow them to decide how to accomplish them. *
5. I make sure the team are aware of, and understand, all organisation policies and procedures. *
6. I recognise people’s achievements with encouragement and support. *
7. I discuss any organisational or policy changes with team members prior to taking action. *
8. I discuss the organisation’s strategic mission with my team. *
9. I demonstrate each task involved in doing the job. *
10. I meet with individual team members regularly to discuss their needs. *
11. I avoid making judgements or premature evaluation of ideas or suggestions. *
12. I ask team members to think ahead and develop long-term plans for their areas. *
13. I set down performance standards for each aspect of my team’s job. *
14. I explain the benefits of achieving their work goals to individuals and the team. *
15. I rotate the role of team briefer among the team. *
16. I emphasise the importance of quality but I allow my people to establish the control standards. *
17. I have people report back to me after completing each step of their work. *
18. I hold regular meetings to discuss work status. *
19. I provide my team with the time and resources to pursue their own developmental objectives. *
20. I expect people to create their own goals and objectives and submit them to me in finished form. *
21. I try to assign work in small, easily controlled units. *
22. I focus on opportunities and not problems. *
23. I avoid evaluating problems and concerns while they are still being discussed. *
24. I ensure that information systems are timely and accurate and that I feed information directly to my team members. *
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