How to Connect to Your Online Meeting From a Mobile Device

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This article explains how to access your online coaching or training session via a mobile device.


Get the Mobile App

In order to access your meeting on a mobile device, you will need an app to connect. Our system is not yet compatible with mobile-based web browsers.

When you try to connect to your meeting you should be prompted to download the app.

It’s probably best to download the mobile app ahead of time.

When you click on the link to download the app, you will be taken to an app called Jitsi Meet. Don’t worry, this is the correct one. This is the name of the conference software that we use.

Download and install the app. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices.


Add the Connection Details

On opening the app you will be prompted to add in the name of the room or a link. You will need to add the full link to your conference room. This will look like the following:

Once added, click Join.


Connecting to the Meeting

You will probably get a prompt asking if we can use your microphone and camera. Please click allow on these prompts.

If your online coach or trainer is already there, you will be connected immediately. If they are not you will see a prompt to let you know that the conference hasn’t yet started. If you see this, wait a few moments and refresh the page.

Once connected you should see your trainer in the video screen.

Note: Only trainers and coaches have login details. You don’t need these so please don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything.


Disconnecting from the Meeting

Once your meeting has completed, click the red hangup button.


Any Problems?

It’s worth clicking the link to your meeting in advance, just to see if there are any initial issues.

If you can’t see your own image in the small box in the screen, click the camera icon and the bottom of the conference screen then click it again. It should be solid white. The same for the microphone if there are any issues with this too.

If you do have connection issues or have any other questions then please contact our helpful Skills Garage Mechanics here.

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