How to Complete Your eLearning Training Course

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Here’s a quick start guide on how to work through your eLearning training course.

Access Your Course

After logging in to the site, click My Courses from the main menu. You can access this menu at any time after logging in.

This will take you to the My Courses Page where all of the courses you have enrolled onto will be shown

The My Courses Page will list all courses you are enrolled onto.

The session title in the top of each box and underneath the % status of completion.

The status over the image will show:

  • Start Course – You have not yet started this course
  • In Progress – You are currently working through this course
  • Completed – You have completed this course

Start or Progress Course

To start or progress with your course, click on the course title of the course you wish to begin or progress.

This will take you to the course overview page.

The course overview page will show all of the modules and sessions from your course.

  • A blank Circle means you are yet to complete this Module.
  • A partially filled circle means you are progressing with this module
  • A solid blue circle means you have completed this module

Click the start or continue button to progress. Clicking continue will take you back to where you left off.

On entering the course you can see your progress down the left side of the screen.

At the end of each session and module, click the Marked Complete button to ensure you correctly track your progress.

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