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    Feb 4, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Hello. Welcome to Masterminds from Skills Garage. You’ve found your way to our open discussion forums. Anyone can join in the discussions to seek help and advice.

    Here is some general guidance that all members will need to follow:

    • The idea behind the forums is to gain and share knowledge and ideas. They are not for openly promoting yourself or your business or content. If a discussion naturally leads to a member asking another member to carry our work or provide services, then this acceptable – but open marketing and post promoting your business are not allowed.
    • Be nice. There may be people around who are just starting out and ask the questions that have been asked thousands of times before. They don’t know that. Be supportive
    • Foul language, any forms of bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated

    Other than this, the forums are designed to be as open as possible so please enjoy the discussion.

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