Decision Making – Use Your BRAIN

Decisions can be tough sometimes. In today’s fast paced world we’re often put under pressure to make very quick decisions. We may even put ourselves under this pressure, mainly when we’ve got a lot to do and not a great deal of time to do it.

Taking time to make decisions may feel like you’re wasting time. We may even be worried about what others think of us if we can’t make decisions.

Here’s the thing though. Taking a little time before action to make a decision can save so much time further down the line.

Now, I’m not saying take days and days here. Even just a few moments of reflection can be enough. A few minutes to think over things before committing to a decision. Give yourself the chance to make the right decision first time and not having to loop back and make corrections later.

Here’s a neat way to think through decisions – use your BRAIN:

Benefits – What are the benefits of the options you have or taking the path you are about to embark on?

Risks – Similar to the above but look at the likely risks

Alternatives – Are there any other alternatives to the option you are looking at or to the options you already have?

Information – What other information do you need to help make the right decision? Do you still have questions? If so, tray and get the information or the answer (not having this is a likely risk)

Nothing – What happens if you do nothing? Do you really need to take any action at all or maybe action isn’t required right now but maybe a little later.

Take a few minutes, use your BRAIN and make the right decisions not quick decisions.

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